Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - A Story of EPIC Proportions...

Morning blog lovers!

I have been saving this post for quite sometime and after talking with a few guidies, I have decided it is FINALLY time to spread this story around the blogmosphere.

Before I get into the story however, I want to give some background information on the two main people that were involved.

The Players

The Mount Machine

One is an officer of our guild and he goes by the name of Doc. He is our dps warrior and his main goals in WoW is to collect mounts, make gold, and hit raid bosses in the face with a blunt object. I put collecting mounts first because this dude is heavy addicted to obtaining the 100 mount achievement. Last I checked, he has over 65 mounts and this man will not stop until he reaches his goal.

It is always funny when someone gets / has a rare mount that he doesn't have...ZG Tiger Mount, TK flying mount, Green Proto-Drake. He usually jokes around saying that he hates them and that they can die in a fire. I always make a point to mount up on my green proto-drake and prance around him before raids just so I can see him /threatening me. Good times I tell ya.

The Master Mind

The other main character in this story is actually one of my real life friends and he goes by the name of Tubbs. He is a resto druid and he is one of the many jokers that we have in our guild. Whether it is on the guild forums or in game, Tubbs has a unique way to make me giggle like a little school girl. It is actually quite sad....but that story is for another day....


The Story Starts...

So a few weeks ago patch 3.1 came out and there were so many things to do! New raid was out, people were messing around with duel specs, the argent tourney and all of the new daily quests. It was a new and exciting time for everyone that played WoW.

Well our friend Doc was on the mission to get the new rideable turtle mount. He was spending ALOT of time fishing for the sole purpose of fishing this sucker up. He would make silly comments about how his life is revolving around fishing now and we would make fun of him because....well...it was funny lol.

So our comedian Tubbs decides that it would be hilarious to take matters to the gods of the world, that's right.....he made a GM ticket. This is how it looked....

He posted this on our guild website and we all had a good laugh. I personally didn't even think he actually went through it and send it, but come to find out that I was very wrong.

What happened next can only be described as epic. I tried to think of a better word that would describe this situation, it didn't even have to be a wow related word or "leet speak". It is the only word that could describe such a feature.

Now I must warn you that the next picture was put together soley by the master mind himself, Tubbs. He posted it on our guild website again and it was a bunch of screenshots that he cut and pasted. It does have some curse words and a picture of Tubbs and myself at a Halloween party this pasted year lol....so FYI

EPIC. Here at WTFspaghetti, we do not lie or try not let our viewers down. This is pure win and had me laughing the whole damn time.


Our friend Tubbs came clean with the GM and told him the truth, as you can see from the screenshot. This whole event took place a couple weeks ago and I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this public and get my friends in trouble, but after talking with some people, we do not see any violation that they would get in trouble. Tubbs didn't lie, Doc was clocking MAJOR hours and his friend was concerned. Hell, some guildies still think that it was a coincidence....I on the other hand don't think it was a coincidence or because of Tubb's actions. I just look at the situation and laugh, how awesome lol. Just to make sure we are on the same level...

WTFspaghetti does NOT condone lying or cheating Blizzard in anyway. This article was for entertainment purposes only and not to be reacted.

Blizzard is doing some hardware upgrades on our server during today's maintenance.....not a good sign that I will be able to play today at all. My server has some pretty horrible luck when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Until next time people. I'm WTFout!


Arthak said...

You just made my day!

That´s not just epic, that´s
legen... wait for it... dary :). *

I laughed so hard my co-workers looked at me as if I went insane from one moment to the next.

* Yeah, so I like ´How I met your mother´... ;).

thedoctor said...


Glad you enjoyed it lol

krizzlybear said...

What matters is that they were being somewhat honest at the end. Blizz knew that, so I'm frankly okay with it. It's quite amusing when you look at it like that.

sparklefreeze said...

>.< I have this mount crazy friend who got her Dragonhawk for 100 mounts achievements when 3.1 hit.

She had spent the last year running ZG for the raptor and tiger to make up the numbers.

Anonymous said...

So are you the gay pirate?

Fish said...

LMAO WTF spghetti probably also does not endorse the use of .kill gear received in the mail ;)

And I can't knock gay pirate outfits, I proposed in one. . .it worked (well, that would make it a straight pirate outfit, but still)

Troutwort said...

Ha ha ha! That's an awesome story, even if it is just coincidence!

Jong said...

haha bravo! and big grats on the turtle mount.

thedoctor said...

"So are you the gay pirate?"Dont have to hide behind Anonymous, I know who you are. DONT BE SCARED!