Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blood Break Up, Progression

Dear Blood,
I hate to see our days together come to an end. To repeat an over used cliche "It's not you, It's me." I will miss that thing you did with my stamina (6%). Your ability to take the big hits and keep on ticking still brings back fond memories. I still think of the times we went into Ulduar and took our shots from Razorscale and Ignis. You are, and probably will be forever the best at taking on two at a time. You haven't changed. I just want different things from a spec these days. Things are not hitting as hard as they used to.

Sometimes I enjoy tanking a big pack of adds. Sometimes I want an easy rotation that doesn't take so much maintenance to get the threat I so desperately need. You (well, your rotation) don't leave much room for anything else. I crave the freedom that only a spare global cooldown can provide. I may be rambling on here, but extra healing doesn't always make up for the fact that you take more damage. I don't want you to change a bit. Maybe one day things will change and my needs and your abilities will once again mesh in a beautiful chorus of the angels of tanking.
Stay Classy,

I am in an interesting situation with raiding ulduar in that all I do is progression. I have been on our guilds first kill on 7 of the 9 bosses we have killed. I have been on 0 second kills.
my raid days consist of learning new bosses. I have been spending upwards of 300g on raid days. You don't realize how much you miss the gold from the farm content! (to say nothing of the purple shinnies) I would be lying if said it didn't bother me a bit. I am putting in the hard hours with out getting to go through the easy ones.
I have been going into the raids every week getting one or 2 badges for 4 hours of work and crazy high repair bills.

I try to not let it affect me but the other day tier legs dropped and I got them without even checking if they were an upgrade (of course they were not) Luckily a gm was able to later transfer the tier token to a mage who could make far more use of it than myself. I think the weeks of wipes, consumables and repair bills made me want to get at least something for my effort and I jumped at the first thing that dropped.

I feel shame.


Jong said...

"I have been on our guilds first kill on 7 of the 9 bosses we have killed. I have been on 0 second kills."

That's frustrating. Hope you guys have everything on farm soon and you get lots of loots.

thedoctor said...

"I feel shame"

No reason to feel shame. Anyone would feel the same way in your situation.

Hopefully we can get 2 groups going here soon. We def have the people...they just need to start showing up.

Potts said...
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Anonymous said...

On your recommendation i nearly switched to blood tank. i did a lot of research on the different talents and rotations and in the end, ended up just staying frost. having the spare cooldown and picking up the acclimation talent was just too helpful in most of the situations i was called on to tank. blood looked like so much fun, it is sad that it just doesn't seem to be the thing to do at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we only managed to get up to Iron Council on farm right now and loot's been a real issue whenever there's progression.

We haven't had a single tanking piece drop in 3 weeks now and when today I OK-ed for a tank to roll on a DPS item, there was a huge uproar from the melee.

But I just didn't see the problem when every one of them had gotten something from our raid before. And I really wanted my tanks to walk away with something even if it's a consolation prize because we own it to their hard work and effort to have come so far.