Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - With Good Comes the Bad

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect... mlange0385 at yahoo dot com

Hola blog lovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was....ehh. It was filled with WoW, epidsodes of LOST, and alcohol.

I took off on Friday and got a 3 day long weekend and it still went by just as fast. /wrist

Lets get into this shall we?



We planned for some 10 man action. Start off with some VoA and if we didn't have WG, then we would move on to 10 man Ulduar. So I logged in and we didn't have WG, so we rolled into Ulduar.

I wasn't expecting too much. I would say that our off tank wasn't properly geared to be an OT in 10 man Naxx. He is usually DPS and his tank set is rather sad. That isn't his fault and I was pretty happy that he agreed to OT. I definitely didn't want to pug a tank....

Man did they neft the hell out of Ulduar! We one shotted everything besides Ignis in the first chamber. Razorscale and X-002 was the biggest surprise to me. On Razorscale, he didn't see to do his fireball as much as he used to and his blue flame he puts on the ground was ticking for less damage and also wasn't happening as much as it use to.

X-002 is a complete joke now for us. When we killed him before any nerfs our whole raid agreed that he was well tuned. As long as you have good dps and good coordination, you would kill him within the enrage timer. Now, your coordination and DPS could be below average and you would still beat his enrage timer. Also, the tantrum now does 10% damage for 8 seconds, instead of 12 seconds. Kinda sad...

Only reason why I say this is because it made me feel proud that my guild killed him and without the nerfs and any guild that is worth it will be able to take him out. Oh only made me kinda sad...not really sad =P

We killed 5 bosses and had some good attempts on The Iron Council before we called it due to time.


25 man Naxx time! Woooooo!

Not really....the day just started off bad. About 7 of our normal raiders were unable to make this raid for one reason or another. That is fine, but it was upsetting that I had to pug some people in order to make this run go. Not to mention that I got called a douchebag and placed on someone's ignore list because I wouldn't invite him to the raid. He was ex-member of our guild on his alt Shaman. I never really had any issues with him besides how unreliable he was, but we were full on his class. No reason to bring up drama and call me names without manning up and atleast hear what I have to say....

So yeah...we had like 9 blew ass. However, we head shot everything besides Thad, which was a 2 shot. Cleared the place in a little over 4 hours.....not bad imo.

On a side note I am now convinced I am cursed by RNG. I am still rocking a vendor shield, just like I was in Kara, SSC, TK, and ZG. I can't even get the f'n 10 man shield that drop off of big spider in Naxx 10.

It has to end sometime right? I mean the Red Sox's did win a World Series.


Logged in and had WG. Woot! Did 10 man and then 25 man. This is the issues started to happen. A social player of the guild was upset that he didn't get an invite to H VoA and left the guild.

Kinda took me by surprised because this guy never like to raid. He played wow for his own reasons and raiding was never one of them. Before we invited any pugs, I asked in guild chat a few times "LFM H VOA"

About 10 people asked for an invite in gchat. Waited a few minutes....dueled and got pwned by a protection warrior. (Spell Reflect for 9.5k FTL lol) Then I asked 2 more replies in gchat. Started filling up the available spots with pugs, needed around 5-6 to complete the 25 man.

I invited the last spot and we all zone in. Over vent I hear from another guild member that this social player wants to come. Well....he didn't pst me or say anything in gchat for the past 10 minutes I was inviting people. I am not going to kick a pug....everyone is already here and zoned in.

After we kill the new boss, we link the loot and he immed /gquits. F'N A....that made me feel like an asshole. I should of kicked a pug for him...didn't think it would be that serious since he didn't even send me a tell or say anything in guild chat.

When its rains, it pours

It then took like 20 minutes to figure out in officer chat what we should do...H EoE or continue 10 man Ulduar from Friday. We had 5 officers on and a stalemate, 2 for H EoE and 2 for Ulduar. Finally it was decided that we were going to continue the 10 man Ulduar group from Friday.

Here comes the tough part, picking the right people to take down a progression boss. I picked 2 wrong people and again....I felt like an ass lol.

One was a healer that is ALWAYS the top healer on the charts, but runs out of mana all the time and is usually around 50% over heal . He is also a holy priest that uses mp5 food and gear is a little unusual. Not to mention he has character issues.

The other one was a recruit that thinks he is gods gift to our guild. I will admit it...this guy is a very good player. He is very skilled and his output shows it. He is usually around 3.5 dps in a 10 man and 4k+ in a 25 man. However, I can not stand his punk ass. He is always talking chat, guild chat...he just wont stfu. I found out today threw his ramblings that he is one of the captains of his college football team.

AHHH...kinda makes sense that he is an ass to people and thinks he is better then everyone else, it is all coming together now. I am not saying that all football players or all jocks are like this, but this dude sure does justice to that preconception.

Long story short we had 2 hours to take down one boss and we only had 3 attempts because the priest I told you about said "brb 10 mins - getting drink". After 17 minutes of listening to this football dude stoke his epeen and the priest still not back.....we couldn't take it anymore, I called it, immediately logged off, and tried to forget about the whole damn thing.

I also think I pissed off an officer that I am becoming real good friends with because he was not invited to the 10 man. He is currently stationed in Iraq and has a very iffy connection, so I went with a better choice. He says he isn't...but I don't believe em...I would be a little urked if I was him.


Being the GM and the normal raid leader kinda blows....I am still having fun overall, but I do not need all this unnecessary drama bullshit. Hopefully I can fix it before other peole that I actually like start leaving the guild and not talking to me anymore lol.

F'n a....I think it is going to be in the best interest of the guild to get rid of the epenn dps, even though I know he has high attendance and is skilled. As for the think he just lost progression spot if any other healers are available.

I am pretty torn with the epeen stroker.....what do you guys think? Any thoughts???


nooblock said...

Mute him (epeen stroker) in vent (or whatever you use) if his constant prattling is distracting. He needs to hear your instruction, you don't need to listen to him.

Tell him that you're putting him on mute and why. He probably doesn't even realize he's going on an on in vent.

If he's really that big of an asstard, just muting him will probably sort it all out. =D

Fish said...

Its a tricky situation, I personally would boot the guy and count your guild better for it and let him know why he's beeing booted. Team first. I would much rather socialize (because thats what you're doing, raiding is just a medium for it) with people I enjoy the company of.

kyrilean said...

I agree with Nooblock. Global mute if you have to during raids. If it gets to the point where it causes drama, /gkick him. Better now than later.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we all know Mr. Epeen douchebag. Guy just comes off the wrong way. Here is the way I look it, you're the boss. If you can tell something isn't working right I feel you have a responsibility to take care of the problem. No matter how good his DPS is, if he doesn't mesh well with the group he's gotta go.

And 10 minutes for a "drink"? Who the fuck does that?

Anonymous said...

After you signed off said Priest came back. The first thing he said in guild chat was "damn traffic". He actually left the house to go get a drink. I thought that was pretty good.

Altheta said...

To be fair Yappy Mc yapps needs a warning letting him know what he is doing. If he continues to run his mouth then boot him. Its the unteachable ones that you don't need in your guild.


Anonymous said...

We have a number of loud mouths in our guild, but there is a big difference between people who are loud and people who disrupt the raid. If you feel he is THAT valuable to guild progression...

then i would suggest pulling him into a channel with the officers and let him know how he is coming across, and what is expected of him in the future (tone it down a bit -- we're all here to have fun, etc.), but after a week or so, if things haven't improved, pull him aside again and let him know why you're letting him go.

remember GM isn't just a gkick button, but you are the example by which the rest of the guild will handle all their problems/situations/issues. also, you are the last word on what is most important in a successful raid group. IMO cohesion of not only skilled players, but humble (willing to learn) make up the kinda group you need to progress. if he or anyone else doesn't fit this mold, then they will have to wait.

as far as the priest... 50% overheals should be a sign that the guy is just face rolling. a priest or any other healer is not a heal button along, but decurse, buffs, communication, and mana conservation. if a healer can't do these things, then likely they wouldn't find their way into my raid.

tough weekend for sure man. but, you'll get there. sounds like you have a good group at core. looking forward to updates.