Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ulduar Index - Healing as a Shaman

Morning blog lovers!

I am going to keep this short and sweet.....but as always boring informational. I am introducing a new series of posts / guides about healing in Ulduar, through a Shaman's eyes. I haven't killed all of the bosses in Ulduar yet, but our guild should be able to do so by the time I get this series get to the later bosses.

So hopefully you will enjoy them and feel free to comment. If you didn't already know, I am the raid leader for my guild. Even though this series is going to be based around Resto Shamans, that doesn't mean that there won't be helpful tips for all healers and raiders.

What stats should I have before I start Ulduar?

Well, if you haven't used sites like be.imba.hu by now, you should really start. Its an excellent site to gauge where your character is and where they should be performing at. Now, I don't agree with everything that this site has to say, however, its still a great site.

One of the things I don't agree with is that it states that you only need a gear score of 410 to start Ulduar. I think that number should be a little higher if you want to kill more then just a few bosses. A score of 450 with the right enchants and gems should be more then enough to take out more then just the first few bosses.

For my detailed oriented people, I would say to have atleast have...

350 mp5 unbuffed
2k spell power
20-25% to crit
16-17k hp
and as much intellect as possible. I recommend atleast 19k mana

Can you have less? Of course! This is just what I recommend, especially if you are planning on rocking two healers for most of the bosses.

Nom nom nom nom

I could be wrong, however, I found that the 40mp5 food + the flask of the pure mojo (mp5 flask) works out fantastic for me. The spirit nerf didn't really effect us Shaman, but that doesn't mean that we aren't having mana issues. I have found that having a good solid number of mp5 really goes along way, especially since chain heal isn't as effective in Ulduar compared to Riptide + LHW and even HW.

If you don't have atleast 2.1k healing self-buffed, I would still go with the Spell power flask + the mp5 food. If you have 2.2k healing or higher self-buffed, go with the full on mp5....it will make your life alot easier and less stressful.

Helpful Tips

  • First off, make sure you are talking with your raid group to figure out what is the best way to make your totems efficient. Example would be a holy paladin using Imp BoW and you dropping your healing totem. Lets say you only have 1 paladin in your 10 man....have him kings everyone and you can drop your Imp mana spring. Same thing goes with a few other classes, just pay attention.

  • Bring Mana Pots! This is one of the aspects that we forgot about we when were face rolling the loot piƱata known as Naxxramas. I don't use one every boss fight, but it can definitely come in handy and be the reason why you downed a progression boss and why you wiped.

  • Collect multiple sets of healing gear. Another bad habit that alot of people forgot about because of how easy Naxxramas was.....At a minimum, you should have a balance set, a mp5 set, and a crit / healing tank set. For some excellent gear guides on these sets, go check out the resto guru, Drug.

  • Bring enough money for repair bills......because you are going to wipe. Also, don't get upset and pissed about it as long as you guys are working as a team and are learning from your mistakes. The best part about taking down a progression boss is all the time you spent learning on it. Enjoy it while you can....in a few months you guys are going to have all this on farm more then likely and it won't be as fun as it was when you were first learning it.
More to come - Stay tuned

On a off note, UFC 09 Unleashed comes out today. For the first time in awhile I am glad that we have some maintenance lol.

Until next time, I'm WTFout people!


drug said...

Wow, no one has ever called me a Guru, except maybe once but that's another story not really suited for your younger readers.

Anyways, excellent post. I know I'm a 25 man raider and 10 man raiding is not really my field of expertise, but still I'd look at mp5 always with INT and replenishment in the back of my head. If your 10 man raid always guarantees replenishment and the guy doing so isn't always dying in the fire after 10 seconds, mp5 is much less important and INT a much butter stat than mp5, becaus it offers crit/mana/SP in addition to mana regen.

If you're comfortable with your mana regen and finish all fights with plenty mana left, switching out mp5 trinkets/food/gear/flask is an excellent idea. It's all about slowly increasing throughput stat while sticking to as much mana regen you need but not more! Every resto shaman has to get a feeling for how much INT/mp5 he needs, the number needed might vary because how much regen you need is also very dependent of your playstyle/encounter. Also your ideal mana regen should include 1-2 mana tide and 1 mana pot.

@resto shaman blogs: Did you already find http://llyra.squarespace.com? Excellent resto shaman blog.

HP said...

Your tips are pretty useful even for a holy paladin though instead of minimum mp5, I would advise for there to be some haste rating and probably a higher crit percentage and mana pool.

I had no clue that chain heal was bad in Ulduar, maybe that explains why our shamans are having trouble...

thedoctor said...

@Drug - I agree overall that INT is a better stat for us. I have been playing around with glyphs and different sets of gear and for the 10 man that I run, not always a replenishment class in it, having a solid mp5 number is what works out the best for me. I can imagine in a 25 man setting that it would be less important than spell power, INT, and maybe even crit.

@HP - Thanks, I was hoping that people would read the article and not just pass by it because of the title. The holy pally that I run with all of the time rarely ever runs out of mana, so he is always stacking sp, int, and crit.

In regards to chain heal thing, In 10 man Ulduar, chain heal is pretty horrible. From what I been reading, chain heal isn't as bad in 25 man Ulduar, but you are still using the combo of Riptide + LHW and HW alot more then you used to. I think that is why the 2 piece bonus is -1 second off of Riptide.