Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Food For Thought

Morning blog lovers and TGIF!

Any big plans for this weekend? I sure the hell don't. Well...I have plans....just not any big plans. One of my good friend's girlfriend decided that it would be an awesome idea to throw a theme party.

Oh yes....a theme party.

Most of the time I am against theme parties. I don't like having to go out to the store and buy shit that I will only wear once to play dress up for one night. To each its own, but its not my thing.

One of the pros of going to one of these themed parties is to see all the hoochie mamas dressed like hoes. Lets be honest, from my experience, themed parties and events like Halloween are just an excuse for females to dress up like....well...hoes. Not saying its EVERY female....just saying from my experience.

Either way though...I'm going lol. The theme of this party is "Ghetto Fabulous". Yeah...I don't know either. Only thing I know is that I don't have to go out to the store and buy stuff, I can look Ghetto Fab with the stuff in my closet. I just have to bust out my plastic Gold Grills from a few Halloween's back.


This is a lets talk about some things...

WTFspaghetti's 15 man choir:


A bet??...

Not sure if you know it or not, but Arthak and myself have a bet going on to see who is going to clear all of the normal bosses in Ulduar. The loser has to redo their blog in all pink and purple colors. We had a bet going when Naxx was first released and we figured out that our guilds were very similar. I am pretty sure that I won that one, but in all honesty, we didn't really keep track of it and unlike the current one we have, there was nothing riding on whoever lost.

We made this agreement and then a week later, I read a blog post of his saying that his guild and him have parted ways.

Well...I am sad for my friend, but at the same time, I was pretty excited lol. I knew that I was going to have some extra time with my guild to clear all of the 13 normal mode bosses and I really, really don't want to redo my blog in purple and pink lol.

You did what? Oh noes....

So l read another post from Arthak about a week or so ago. It had Ulduar in the topic, so I was even more intrigued. This German sob got himself an organized pug that is going to meet up weekly for Ulduar! Not only that, but this organized pug he got into is with some pretty good people because they are 9 out of 13 bosses in their first week together.

Well, looks like we got ourselves a competition again. My guild has also taken down 9 of the 13 normal mode bosses in Ulduar 10. Should be interesting to see who kill Yogg first...either way, I love this kind of bet between bloggers and it is turning out to be really fun. That is unless I have to redo my page LOL....that won't be fun.

So just to put it on paper Arthak. We have both cleared the first four bosses and the antechamber. Of the Keepers, I have downed Freya and Hodir and you have downed Thorim and Hodir. Keep it up Arthak, just don't clear it before me =P lol

Never Doubt Skill

We recently got a mage recruit that was a friend of someones in the guild. He applied, had raiding experience in Vanilla and TBC, and overall filled out a good application. Only down fall was his gear. He was in mostly blues with 10 man Naxx epics, not exactly what we want from an applicant, but like I said, he was a friend of a guildie so he got an invite.

This mage is also frost spec, not to mention a very unusal frost spec. He was invited as a social player, so for the two weeks he was in our guild, I never got a chance to raid with him. On Monday, we needed 1 more dps for our 10 man Ulduar run. This was going to be a progression run, so I really didn't want to take him, but my hands were tied, we needed a replenishment class and his AI would really help us we invited him.

This dude was doing 3k dps! On the Hodir fight, a fight which gives buffs if you know how to get them, he was doing 6k dps....yes....6k dps. His frostbolt was critting for 44,000 with all of the buffs lol.

As a raid leader, this was an eye opener. This mage is under-geared and is outdpsing some of our most geared players. It was big reminder to never doubt a person's skill, no matter what you think of his gear.

I respec my mage to his exact spec / gylph and headed over the the heroic dummy in Org. I went through my whole mana pool and only managed 2300 dps. Pissed me off a little bit to know that someone is more skilled at his class them I am, but oh well....I am glad that we invited him and I can't wait to gear his goofy troll ass.

Bloggers AFK

It all started when Resto 4 Life decided to close her doors. Then another huge blogger decided to close up shop, Big Red Kitty. A few weeks ago, another long time blogger ( Out of Mana) decided to call it quits. I have noticed that overall the blogmosphere has been less and less in terms of updates and what not.

Then, a good blogger that I have been following for quite sometime has closed her doors. One Among Many has decided to quit WoW and therefore quit blogging. Out of all of the bloggers that have called the quits, this one was the most sad to me. Its understandable though, it is unimaginable for us bloggers to think that we are ALWAYS going to do this. Once your passion is gone, its time to call quits.

All of this bloggers quiting got me searching the blogmosphere for other quality blogs that will replace these AFK bloggers. So for the last few days I been searching and I have found a few that I think are quality. Here are some new additions to my blog roll...

Forbearance - Jong is hands down the funniest dude in the blogmosphere. He used to write for Out of Mana and that is where I first noticed him. He is back to blogging on his own blog and I suggest you check it won't be disappointed.

Fel Fire - Excellent blog about being a raider leader and everything else you can imagine.

I am Paladin - I don't know why I enjoy Paladin blogs so much. This blog isn't just a pally blog though, the blogger talks about raids and other general wow stuff. Good reads.

clearcasting - A mage blog / general blog. Good reads.

Personal stuff that I only care about but I am going to pretend you do

For the past month and a half I have been leveling an alt. I got him to 80 within two days and he has been hard at work ever since. The class you ask? Well he is a House Hunter. LOL...that was super geeky and corny...only reason why I am not deleting it is because I want you to laugh at my rtardness.

So yeah, I been house hunting like a fool. My lease with my apartment is up very soon and I don't want to resign with them or any other apartment that is. Here in the states, the government has issued a 8,000 dollar tax credit for first time home owners if you buy the house in 2009. Seem pretty silly if I don't jump on that.

Today, my realtor and myself went looking at some houses I picked out and man....I think I found the house I want to get. Its on the higher end of my price range, but it is within my price range. Nice neighborhood and the best thing doesn't look like crackheads have been living in it for the past 3 years.

I'm serious....out of the 20 or so houses that I have looked at so far, I would easily say that 12-15 houses look like crackheads and wild African safari have been living in there. Windows busted, walls scratch and ripped apart. Also a strange, nasty smell coming from every room in the house. One house, I shit you not had every single one of there windows screens torn and in every room the floorboard has some sort of hole in it. Yet they still want 75,000 dollars...pfft

F that

Anyway, if everything goes to plan and I get the house. I do not know how much time I can invest to running a raiding guild. It is going to be interesting to see how things pan out.

Well, that is it. Like always, I appreciate you guys stopping by and reading my post. I hope you have a safe and fun weekend.

Let your loot be epic and your repair bills low....until next time, I'm WTFout


P said...

GL with the house. Hopefully you don't have to quit wow.

thedoctor said...

nah....I wont quit. Worse is that I might have to stop playing for a month while everything is taken care of.

Hopefully that wont happen though.

Crofe said...

I know what you mean about the quality of housing. The same happened to me when I went looking for an apartment. Of the ten or so I looked at, I could only see myself living in one (which is the one I am now). It's surprising to see people trying to rent these places, but it's even more surprising to know that there are people who will rent them.