Thursday, May 7, 2009

100th Post - Past and Future

Morning blog lovers!

So yeah...this is WTFspaghetti's 100th blog post. I think that causes for some sort of blogger achievement don't you? For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about...

Way back in the day, November 2008 lol, our favorite female gnome Larisa wrote an article about blogger achievements. Needless to say I have been trying to keep the blogmosphere updated and aware of such achievements. However, I don't get that many LOL.

/whoosh sound
/ding sound

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir - "GEET HYPHEEEEE"

I wanted to make this post, epic....something cleaver and at the same time will attract more listeners. However, after a few days of thinking what the hell to write about, I was still clueless. So I thought to myself...what the hell, just start writing and see what comes to you.

So this is what you get....I'm sorry for the fail lol

A Look Back

I have been blogging about wow and random shit since October 2008. I was clueless and felt a little weird / nerdy making a blog about WoW, but I went with it to see what would happen. To my surprise, people started reading it. Like most sites, I have a tracker that gives me all sorts of stats about my blog and the people that view it.

Most of my readers are from North America, but I was pretty shock of all of the over-seas readers I got. People from countries all over the world are interested in what I have to say? Find me sad, troubled, depressing funny or interesting enough to read on a weekly / daily basis? F'n A brother, that blows my mind. For the past 6 or 7 months someone from Romania has been a loyal reader of this blog.

Romania? WTF!?! That is awesome and it has been the driving factor for me to keep on publishing posts. If I didn't have the readers and the comments that people leave me, I do not think I would have stopped blogging, but I wouldn't post as frequently as I do now. My readers keep me going and this blog wouldn't be the same with out them.


For the first 3 or so months of this blog, I probably averaged around 20 to 50 hits a day. Then I started getting added to alot more blogrolls and got lucky enough to get linked on various forums and other sites. The number of hits I get now is nothing compared to the big boys (or girls /wink @ Larisa), but to me, 250-500 unique hits a day is a perfect amount and I couldn't be happier with it. I am glad I have my little piece of the ever growing blogmosphere.

Favorite posts

Well, I have to link my first was so special to

First post - What is funny about it now is that we are just finally hearing new information on that subject. Go figure, it is Blizzard.

Funny post - I titled this one, "If you are a nerd, this will make you laugh". It makes me laugh everytime I read it.....Nerds FTW.

Evil Tricks - Nothing wrong with being a little evil....

The Good Ol' Days - Pre-TBC, all the good stuff that Vanilla WoW had to offer.

Crowd Control? F that - Do you remember CC?

Recruitment fun - Yeah...I got called a terroist....good times lol

There are plenty other posts, but those are some of my favorites.

Future of the WTFspaghetti?

Who really knows. We are planning on making a podcast....which I think will be hilarious. We are only planning on our podcast being somewhere around 30 minutes. Nothing crazy, just some random topics and good times.

You can always look forward to the most update information about Resto / Elemental Shamans, Death Knights, and Mages here at WTF. I can only speak for myself, but I plan on making alot more guides for our viewers. Plenty of guides are in works, such as Ulduar, Resto Shaman gear itemization, others one as well but I don't want to give my idea away! lol

Hopefully our site will keep going strong and I can get another achievement at 200 posts. Only time will tell! I want to thank all of my readers, past and present. We appreciate you taking time out of your day and checking us out.

Quote of the Day
Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

-Stephen Leacock

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Larísa said...

Big grats! That's quite an achievement to reach tha first 100 posts. For some reason the next 100 comes easier. Don't ask me why. You've really got a decent readership. I don't have any more hits than you have. Just so that you know. normal days are probably somewhere around 235-350 unique visitors. Not more. I try not to care too much about it though. If you start to worry about statistics more than about your enjoyment in the writing process, you easily slip into a perilous road.

thedoctor said...


I am sure I am only that high because a guide I made for elemental shamans was picked up by wowinsider lol. Either way, thanks for the encouragement

P said...

grats fa sho!

Arthak said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Germany ;).

I realy enjoy reading your blog and I can´t wait for your first blogcast. Do it! Please! This will be cool :).

You said you only had such high numbers because your guide was picked up by wowinsider? Well... I think getting such recognition is worth an achievement of it´s own. Getting linked on wowinsider is something to be proud of!

Keep up the great work :).

Ruhtra said...

Congrats man!

In all honesty, your post is one of the few posts (and this in no way is meant as a negative thing to anyone) that I really look forward to reading.

Will be happy to see another 100 posts just like it!

thedoctor said...

@Arthak - Its on its way! Appreciate the kind words.

@Ruhta - appreciated brother!

Anonymous said...

Grats man! Keep it up -- and whenever you get that podcast off the ground, i will definately tune in -- AND find a way to bother you into being on it. though, i understand i have quite a southern accent! ha!

Fish said...

Grats on the century mark! Your blog is of great quality and I enjoy your writing style. It is seriously one of my favorite of the blogosphere.

Darraxus said...

Grats man. Was gonna leave a congratulations last night, but I was too lazy to sign in 0_0

krizzlybear said...


I don't get any more than 200-300 per day myself. Don't pay attention to numbers, unless that number is your word count. Keep on trucking, bro!

drug said...

Congrats! I'm still far away from 100 posts and I sometimes doubt I'll ever reach this number.

Did you ever get weird emails/comments since you started the blog? I got some really nasty stuff in my inbox, it's kinda fascinating.