Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why I love patch 3.1.2

No, its not the nefts to Ulduar's bosses or that that Blessing of Wisdom now stacks with our Mana Spring totem.

Not at all...

It's not that I can now fish ANYWHERE in the sewers while doing one of the daily fishing quests or the new changes to Wintergrasp.

Try again...

It is the new item changes! As most of you know, I have been bent over and royally f'ed by RNG in regards to replacing my shield since TBC. I have ran Naxx 10 every week for the past 3-4 months and I have cleared H Naxx atleast 5 or 6 times. Not to mention killing the first boss in the spider wing 15+ times.

Let it be known that Naxx was the only place to upgrade my shitty shield and there are a total of three that drop in there. (Including 10 and 25 man). I have yet to get my hands on them and I curse the RNG gods every f'ing time!!! a little emotional there. It is ok though because the new raid came out, there has to be a shield I can use in there right????


Mother fucker. The only upgradable shield that drops in Ulduar is in the 25 man version off later bosses. However, there is a shield that drops off of X002 in 10 man Ulduar. Too bad it has HORRIBLE stats. Well, really just one horrible stat, it only has 37 spell power!

I forget what the shield is called, but back in Mount Hyjal a spell shield drops. It item level is probably around 150ish and it has 37 spell power.

Alot of people thought it was a mis-print, a mistake by the all mighty Blizzard. To all of our surprises, it made it to the live servers and I was still forced to run Naxx 10 and 25 in hopes to upgrade my shield.

Then it happened.....

That is right boys and girls, the planets must have aligned perfectly and Blizzard finally realized that they made a mistake. In patch 3.1.2, they change the shield to have 73 spell power instead of the 37.


Now, I just got to get that MUG to drop lol. RNG has already denied me the drop the 5 times we have killed him, but this time its different. I actually want it now lol

Anyone have any RNG stories they would like to share? Feel free to comment so we can all chuckle and giggle at you. Don't worry, here at WTFspaghetti we serve cookies to our commentors...mmm...cookies...
true story d-(^_^)z


Ruhtra said...

I got an RNG story for you, more like a RNG curse! Back in TBC I was wanting to get my hands on the staff from Ramps for my lock. Nice stats, drop rating should have not been horrible. I ran that mother 16 times before it dropped for my lock. The next day I did ring of blood and picked that staff up instead......

So, now I am working on leveling my Priest (and no Priest should ever complain to me about healing), and I ran Ramps at least 10 times and no staff. Good news is I had a dagger drop that has +68 SP, so combined with an offhand, not too bad. Better overall stats than the staff would have given, but I feel your pain bro!

Squid said...

Mana spring and BoW do not stack. Infact if somone is not buffing imp BoW a resto shaman's spring will still knock off BoW. They just made it so if they are both imp that BoW wont be replaced.

Anonymous said...

TBC shield? you're not using the Heroic Emblem shield? it's a really good shield, easily comparable with the Spider Wing shield in Naxx.

and i am glad it got buffed as i was wondering why something so unimpressive looking, with such mediocre (in comparison) stats, was dropping from ulduar bosses.

worde up!

HP said...

Rofl, I took the shield anyway when it first dropped before the change. Only after I read your blog and looked at my shield did I see that my shield is damn nice now! Thanks! I'm still cracking up over it since this makes the shield comparable to Voice of Reason now =)

Darraxus said...

I seem to have horrible luck with shields as well. I really want to one off of Patchwerk 25...the SOB just wont drop it.

Also, as a previous poster said, what about the emblem of heroism shield?

I believe there is a craftable one called Zom's Crackling Bulwark as well.

Btw my verification word is cinflog 0_0

thedoctor said...


No, I am not wearing a sheild from The Burning Crusade. I was just starting that I have had bad luck with shields since TBC.

I am using the Zom's Crackling Bulwark, its a world drop. It was my very first epic when I dinged 80 and I never replaced it because I knew I was going to be running Naxx on a weekly basis.

See how well that has worked out for me uh? lol

Jong said...

"I was still forced to run Naxx 10 and 25 in hopes to upgrade my shield"

oh man, that's rough. good thing blizzard fixed it. i hope that robot drops it soon!

Fish said...

I have seen people with the sun eater. I know it drops. Never for me. Heroic Mechanar, I hate you.

Also, I have horrible luck with the hellreaver on my hordies. Practically every one of my alliance characters who could use it, got it. Hordies, never seen it. . .

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Fish: Took me a cool 87 runs of Mech for the bloody Sun Eater for a guild tank. I laughed at him soo soo much for that. It became personal to get it even after he got some cool BT upgrade and everyday at 7 server.. there he is still in Mech.. >.< for 87 bloody days. And when he finally got it, he DE-ed it.. Some vengeance it is.