Friday, November 14, 2008

Death Knights, Northrend, and Warlus people

What a freaking weekend!

For the most part it was pretty amazing. The servers weren't too laggy… they were def stable considering all of the people that were trying to play. I myself found playing for the majority of the weekend. Hell, I even took off on Friday just so I could get more playing time in.

So from 11 in the morning on Thursday until 6:30pm on Sunday night…I probably played about 10-15 hours. Which is a crazy amount of wow hours for me...but hey, I had to check everything out and there was alot to check out.

First thing I did when I logged into the xpan was to create an Death Knight and to see what they are about. I have to say that blizzard did an excellent job putting together the quest line for the death knights. I really don't want to write anymore about it because I don't want to reveal any spoilers. However, I do want to say that I think everyone should make one and complete the initial quest line for them. That way DK's won't be such a mystery to people and they will see one of the coolest, well put together events that Blizzard has ever done. Trust me, I been around since UBRS was considered "end game" and MC wasn't even created. onward

I really like the concept of the Death Knight and MORE important, they are alot of fun. So I did spend a good majority of my wow time this week playing my DK. I got him to level 61 and I spec'd him the majority frost. One of the funniest moments is when I was killing a boar in the outlands when I got asked what spec I was. When I replied frost I was invited to a Ramps group and summoned within 10 seconds. As I looked at the group setup, 4 DK's and a healer, I realized that they wanted me to TANK!

O snapfu! I warned the group that I will probably suck at tanking beforehand, but they said it was cool. It was a little rough at first...but then it got better. I kept aggro the majority of the time. Afterwards we decided to do a BF run, in which I tanked and kept aggro on everything. So the moral of this story is that I am very impressed on how fun DK's are....especially tanking.

So I had to check out the new land, it was my duty as a horde! So I decided to send my mage to the Tundra and my Paladin to Howling Fjord. I decide to level my paladin first and started with all the quests in the Howling Fjord. I like how blizzard changed up their quests and their environment artwork. Everything looked alot different environment wise, which I thought was a positive thing.

In regards to the quests, there was the normal go kill (x) and bring me back 6 (body parts of x). There were also the different quests that were all related into completing a common goal, killing the Alliance npcs. I turned off my "instant quest" option and read all of the quests, I got into the lore and it really was quite amazing. I had alot of fun diving into a fictional world and strategically destorying your enemy. Maybe its not different and I just think it is because of all the new stuff...who knows...any thoughts?

The last cool thing that I did on wow over the weekend is to get to the Magical City of Dalaran. One of the mages in my guild ported a couple of us there and let me say this...That city is FREAKING Confusing. It took me every bit of 5 minutes trying to find the Flight path guy that was marked on my map. However, when I was there I obtained an Armored Bear Mount. This mount is freaking amazing in my opinion and it only cost me 750g. At the same vendor you could also purchase a 3 person Wooly Mammoth and a flying mount that works in Northrend. The Mammoth is going to cost you 20,000 gold (lower with rep) and the flying mount was 2000 gold.

So after I got my mount, I decided to do a little exploring to see what this new land had in store for me. Enjoy the screenshots and what do you think about the xpan?


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