Wednesday, November 5, 2008

RE: Week 9 NFL Pick'em Results

I didn't do terrible....but I definitely didn't do great either. I ended week 9 with a record of 8-6. I mean who would of thought that the Jags would have lost to win less Cincy. Did you see the second touchdown pass that Ocho Cinco caught? It reminded me of Chad Johnson, not this new guy, Mr. Ocho Cinco...check it out here

By far the best play that came out of week 9 was curiosity of the KC Chiefs. So what if they copied off of the Dolphin's Wildcat or Angry Dolphin formation. I dont know why every team isn't running at least a couple plays out of it a game. I still can't believe that the career WR threw the ball with a perfect spiral while running. Got to love it, see it for yourself here

Reminder that this is the last week of Byes in the NFL. This week the teams that are on bye are the Bengals, Cowboys, Bucs, and the Redskins. The trade deadline for most fantasy teams is Nov 14th. So this is the last week really to get a trade done. You should have a pretty good idea by now if your team is going to make the fantasy playoffs in your league. Anything could happen but it never hurts to start looking towards favorable matchups during the playoff weeks, Week 15 and 16.

Check out this chart I got from the gentlemen over at Yahoo Sports. You should definietly take a look at it if you think you have a shot at makig the playoffs. I mean cause hey, all you have to do is make the playoffs. After that anything can happen....amirite? damn right

Check out this chart I stole from the Yahoo fantasy guys and happy hunting

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