Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleep deprieved WotLK thoughts of day one...

So I had to work last night from Midnight - 8am. So I when I got off this morning I went and picked up my copy of the xpan. I get home and open it and realize...OMG

Its a DVD....not the usual 4 cd-roms like the other two games. F'N A!! My desktop doesn't have a dvd reader on it!

I know, I need to upgrade...nonetheless...

So I had to use my laptop to see the contents of the dvd. Then show the hidden files and finally copied it to an external hard drive. Then I loaded it on to my desktop computer and installed the game! actually worked....but if I didn't have my laptop or the external hard drive... would have been bad...I probably would have injured myself hitting a solid surface lol

Enjoy the screenshots while I get some sleep....

My Death Knight talking to a troll ~ begging for his life

Loading screen - Pretty neat artwork

First 5 man instance - UK

Last boss in UK - He was sorta hard ~


Brierley said...

I also only have a CD Rom player and when I opened the box I had a bit of a panic. I put it in my CD drive with the idea that if it blew up my computer than I would have no options but to get a new one, and lo and behold it actually worked.

Not sure what Blizzard did to make it work but my computer is homebuilt and I know 100% what it has is not a dvd player of any kind.

Dr. Wang said...

@ Brierley

Crazy! I did that as well...and it would not read the disc. I am also 100% positive that mine is only a CD-ROM.

How weird...I guess it was the Gods of WoW telling you to log in and play until you turn into a zombie =P