Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Orginal title!

Its actually not original at all but that is ok lol. I still think its cool even though everyone and their MAMA has it. Does this mean that everyone is trying to complete the all of the World Event Achievements to get the rare drake? IF that is true I guess it wouldn't be too rare now would it?

I read an interesting article on wowinsider that stated when you install WotLK, it will wipe out the 3.0 patches...which would SUCK because that would mean you had to redownload the 135mg file on laggy servers. So do yourself a favor and copy and paste them somewhere that won't get deleted once you install WotLK. So there you have it...a friendly FYI from your local blogger, Dr. Wang.

Also, if you don't want to get excited about WotLK....then DO NOT watch this video...because it basically rocks my face. Enjoy


LarĂ­sa said...

Hi there and grats to the title!

Commenting on my blog made you noticed. :)

Thank you for linking to my blog, I feel honored...
For some reason there's a problem with linking to my blog - what will show up in my blog is a four months old post.

So please change the link so that it goes to my feed address:

Then it will work as it should.


Dr. Wang said...


How exciting! First comment, you should feel lucky, I know I do lol.

Thanks for words and I will link the feed.