Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things that erk me....

I am a pretty easy going guy. I got alot of patience, but for some reason I have been running into a huge mecca storm of freaking noobs.

{Random Noob} LF1M heals - g2g

I get an invite....I am reasonably close to the chosen instance. So I start heading there. There are also 2 group members that are closer then me.

Of course I get there before everything and I
state that I am at the summoning stone and I need one more. Why o why does no one EVER?? The first couple of times it happen today, I let it slide. However, I ran probably 5-6 instances today and all of them did that to me! GRRR!

The funniest thing about it and perhaps the most annoying thing is that the furthest group member says that he is on his way. So all the people that are close to the summon stone continue to do whatever the hell they are doing while it takes 10 minutes for the furthest guy to finally get to the stone....AHHHH!

ok.../rant off

So in other news, I have finally decided that I will never be able to pick which of my toons to level to 80 first. However, I have a guess that it will be either my restro shaman or my ret pally. My mage for some reason isn't as much fun as the other two it seems.

Its kinda sad really...he was my main all through the TBC...../sniffle..../remembersgoodtimes

Here are some random screenshots to pass the time w
hile I go to bed.

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P said...

I don't care if your tired of your mage, get on and make my goddamn bags! Anyways, 69 and a half, 70 is on the way and with it a blog post.